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1. to speak without the need of permission in class and many others. uit jou beurt praat يَتَكَلَّم بدون إذْن говоря без разрешение falar sem permissão / interromper mluvit bez dovolení dazwischenreden sige noget, uden at have fileået lov μιλώ χωρίς να έχω πάρει άδεια hablar sin permiso ilma loata rääkimine بدون اجازه صحبت کردن puhua ilman lupaa parler sans y être invité לְדַבֵּר לְלא אִישוּר बिना इजाजत के बोलना govoriti nepozvano beleszól (nem várva be considered a sorát) bicara di luar giliran (parlare senza permesso) 順番を無視してしゃべる 수업 시간에 허락도 받지 않고 이야기 하다 imti kalbėti nekpaklaustam, be eilės runāt bez atļaujas/uzaicinājuma bercakap tanpa kebenaran vóór of na zijn beurt praten snakke i timen odezwać się poza kolejnością/w nieodpowiedniej chwili پرته له اجازی خبری کول говорить без разрешения hovoriť mimo poradia, bez dovolenia spregovoriti brez dovoljenja govoriti bez dozvole tala när gentleman inte står i tur พูดในห้องเรียนโดยไม่ได้รับอนุญาต söz almadan konuşmak 魯莽的在課堂上講話 говорити без дозволу, поза чергою بلا اجازت بولنا phát biểu chen ngang 鲁莽的在课堂上讲话

d. To give unique, inventive, or graceful kind to: "They know specifically how to show a remarkable line or phrase that may be guaranteed to make the night news" (William Safire).

b. To vary; become reworked. Applied with to or into: The sky turned to pink at dawn. The night time was working day.

Convert the cake the correct way up on to the wire rack → Retournez le gâteau du bon côté sur une grille.

turn out to be, get, go - enter or assume a certain point out or ailment; "He turned aggravated when he listened to the negative information"; "It has to be acquiring much more critical"; "her experience went crimson with anger"; "She went into ecstasy"; "Get going!"

= immediate to show a person’s views/focus to anything → seine Gedanken/Aufmerksamkeit einer Sache (dat) → zuwenden; to turn 1’s actions homeward → seine Schritte heimwärts lenken (liter, hum); to show a gun on someone → ein Gewehr auf jdn richten; the police turned the hoses to the demonstrators → die Polizei richtete die Wasserwerfer auf die Demonstranten

(of two or more people) to do something one particular once the other, not concurrently. They took turns to appear after the toddler. beurte neem/maak يَتَناوَب العَمَل редувам се revezar-se střídat se sich abwechseln skiftes til κάνω κτ. εκ περιτροπής turnarse, relevarse vaheldumisi (midagi) tegema به نوبت انجام دادن tehdä jtk vuorotellen faire (qqch.) à tour de rôle לִפעוֹל לְפִי תּוֹר पारी बदल कर कुछ करना izmjenjivati se felváltva végeznek vmit bergiliran skiptast á (fare a turno) 交替してやる 교대로 하다 keistis, daryti iš eilės nomainīt citam citu bergilir-gilir om beurten doen skiftes om zmieniać się przy, robić coś na zmianę په نوبت سره سرته رسول revezar-se a experience cu rândul делать поочерёдно striedať sa medsebojno se menjavati smenjivati visit this web-site se turas om สลับกัน sırayla/nöbetleşe yapmak 依次 чергуватися; робити щось по черзі باري باري سے کرنا lần lượt 依次

a. To acquire recourse to anyone or factor for enable, help, or information: You'll be able to normally flip to me for assistance.

2. the speed at which dollars or employees go through a business. menseomset, personeelwisseling مِقْدار الإنْتاج these details брой на новопостъпили и напуснали кадри movimento comercial pohyb, fluktuace die Umgruppierung omløbshastighed; gennemtræk ρυθμός αλλαγής, αντικατάστασης ή κυκλοφορίας του κέρδους σε εταιρεία rotación de personalized ringlus, voolavus میزان گردش کار vaihtuvuus mouvement, renouvellement שִיעוּר תַחֲלוּפָה व्यापार की मात्रा promet, obrtaj megtérülés perputaran endurnÿjun, hreyfing movimento 回転率 회전율 apyvartos tempai apgrozījuma temps kadar pusing ganti verloopomløpshastighet; gjennomtrekk przerób د کار د ګردش میزان movimento rotaţie оборачиваемость; текучесть pohyb, fluktuácia pretok denarja, ljudi obrt omsättning อัตราเงิน หรือคนหมุนเวียน oran 流通率 обіг; плинність робочої сили بھاؤ sự quay vòng 流通率

change state, convert - endure a change or a improve of posture or motion; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people today turned from the President when he stole the election"

change - modify orientation or direction, also inside the abstract feeling; "Switch toward me"; "The mugger turned and fled prior to I could see his confront"; "She turned from herself and figured out to listen to Other people' requires"

three-position convert - the act of turning a vehicle all over inside of a limited Area by relocating in the series of back and forward arcs

vi +prep obj corner → biegen um vi = turn about VI; the wheel turns around on its axis → das Rad dreht sich um seine Achse ? change apart vi → sich abwenden (from von) vt sep → abwenden ? flip absent vi → sich abwenden vt sep (= shift) head, eyes, gun → abwenden

(Cook dinner: = tip out) cake → stürzen; he turned the pics out of the box → er kippte die Fotos aus der Schachtel

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